Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New blog

I know it's really delayed but i now finally have my new blog up and running.

Please feel free to visit!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last sydney post! Warning lots of clothes lusting iphone snaps ahead!

Yikes i know i've been the worst blogger ever! So much for "my return to blogging" lol. But i've been crazy busy and stressed with prepping for the big move to london town - which is next week! Whoa the time has flown. Can't wait til im on the plane so i can just sit back and relax... at least til i ground and i start stressing abt all the things i've forgotten!!

Anyways this is just pretty much a post for a post's sake so im just going to bombard you with some badly taken iphone pictures!

Standard work outfit shot - boring! I've lost my interest in putting together outfits as i've been banning myself from all shopping =(

HOWEVER that hasn't stopped me going in to stores and trying on a shitload of clothes to start mentally preparing myself for the shopping marathon i will be doing in Hong Kong (a 5 day stop over/ last girlie trip with my besties), london and Paris (my first organised european country trip!)

LOVE this dress! Perfect bandage dress as it sucked EVERYTHING in! And really good heavy thick material. Fingers crossed i can find something similar overseas

Love the print and colour of this summery! So tempted to buy it only $50... but im heading to london winter so MUST CONTROL MYSELF!!!

Such a pretty and fun party dress, not really me but pretty none the less. LOL gosh it was tiny, look at me suck in my stomach so i dont rip the dress!

LOVED this dress, looked amazing on and so much better in real life. The best news? It's by Lipsy a UK brand so it is on the top of my London shopping list yay yay yay!

Such a pretty shade of neon pink - would have been perfect for summer! Shame! =(

Another dress i am in love with for the gorgeous colour!!! Stupid iphone couldn't capture it's true shade, however it's called "peacock" and that perfectly sums it up. My friend works at Wish so she could get this dress for me at wholesale price which is approx 50% off the retail price... once again MUST CONTROL MYSELF!!!

I am dying to find a leather jacket just like the one on the top left hand corner... gorgeous!!! Please please europe have it waiting for me! Thank you muchly!

Take care everyone! Hopefully next time i blog i will be london with a new blog to link you guys and lots of purchases and stories to post!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Hello blog world!

I know i've been MIA for ages in blogworld, but in the "real" world a lot of SHIT has happened. Excuse the language, but it pretty much sums it up.... shit happens. Hopefully though i have, or at least eventually will, become a stronger person because of this and it will cause me to push myself and live my life to the fullest. Which brings me to my big news... im moving to london! My aim is to go for 12 months and see what happens from there. To document my journey im going to be starting up a new blog soon for while i am living in london. It will also be a good medium to show my friends and family what im up to in london and my travels. Which reminded me of this old poor neglected blog! Im leaving in 8 weeks so i thought in the mean time i better get back in to the blogging habit by updating this blog.

I'm TRYING to save like mad so i wont have much new stuff clothes to post =(, BUT i have lost some weight which has allowed me to fit back in to old clothes and steal clothes from my sister's wardrobe! lol.

Followed by the usual outfit shots below from the other day at work.

I bought this little silk bolero top thing when when i was 18! One of my first of many futute online purchaes lol. Yay for being able to fit back in to it, although it makes me feel "young" again in body but "old" in age?? Oh well either way it's so pretty and im glad i still have it in my wardrobe!

More updates soon! xx

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pencil Me In

I loooved my outfit today! It wasn't anything flashy but i felt amazing in it, why? My new skirt of course! I finally found a pencil skirt that was flattering and didn't make my thighs and tummy looked like a stuffed turkey! I found the skirt extremely flattering and still easy to walk in.

Im super fussy about my skirts, i absolutely hate spilts at the back and try and avoid it as much as possible, particularly for pencil or tight skirts, and thus i always end up with my beloved flowy skirts without the worry of spilts - or tummy rolls or squeezed fat lumps for that matter! But i thought i really need to branch out with my skirts and the SA (from Shieke in pitt street mall) was so lovely in finding me this perfect skirt that matched all my fussy needs

I love the criss crossing detailing on the skirt, really makes the skirt more interesting without ruining the ease of its neutral coloring. Now i just need to find a similarly flattering skirt in black and grey and i will be in corporate skirt heaven!

I love this top! I bought this top about 5-6 months ago from ASOS but this is only the 2nd time i've worn it as i have sooo many tops on rotation.

I also snapped a picture in the lifts on the way back up from arvo tea. Geez my jumbo kit kat is the size of my BIG MJ wallet! Dammit no wonder im never loosing any weight even after joining the gym!! Stupid sugar addiction and work boredom isn't helping in stopping the steady decline into office obesity! haha

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lavender Greys

Date night last night with the boy. Had yummy Japanese, Saw the movie "I am number 4" and had san churros for dessert (and i must admit i also made a stop at oportos on the walk back to the car for some chicken strips haha).

Wore this ASOS dress again and paired it with my new CR wool blazer that i had bought in Melbourne ages ago. It was $380 down to like $80! Love love love this blazer, amazing detailing!

Love the combination of colours - deep dove grey paired with dark lavender.

I love the contrast of the structured blazer and flowy full dress. This outfit is going to be on high rotation!

Couldn't take a proper picture of my new haircut, i took heapsss of pictures but this iphone is crapola for headshots and close up pics. So had to settle for this picture which actually turned out to be the clearest, i think it looks kind of cool as well =)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Off to the city!

Friday i had the day off and it was FANTASTIC! I think it was from the fact of knowing everyone else at was work and on any other given day i would be too, it was awesome !!!

That's the one thing i love about working for government - getting flexi!!!

I had to go to the city for some errands and i also met up with the boy (who of course was at work haha) for lunch and then also after work for spanish dinner - yummmm!

So i wore the following ultra comfy outfit.

Prettied it up with a blush flower brooch.

I love flower brooches so much, so pretty. I think i got this from myers on sale for like 3 bucks! One day i hope i can eventually afford the chanel camellia brooch, ultimate luxe pretty!!

Did my nails with another AVON colour, called Lilac Glaze. It's pretty but i dont usually do light colours, and i think i still prefer darker colour for nail polishes.

One of the things i had to do was get a desparate hair cut. I had to embarrassingly admit to the hair dress that i hadn't had a hair cut since last April =S. Was almost impossible to get a pic of my hair, almost broke my hip for this picture! lol.

I've cut my hair just below my shoulders so it's a big change, but i like it! I'll try and post pics in the next post =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black & Yellow Fever

Really liked the colour combo of my outfit today!

In particular i loved this brooch, the detailing is amazing! However it was quite heavy and with all those ruffles made my top sag a bit, kept on having to re-adjust!

My nails! First of my avon polishes i've tried, this one is called Mulberry.

That's all for now folks. Life is quite mundane and depressing at the moment, need a change of scenery and some good luck asap!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snip Snaps

Some snaps of my work outfits throughout the week.

I looove this dress! I forgot how much i loved the print of the dress as i haven't worn it for months. However wearing this dress also reminded me that there was a rip at the waist =(

I realised only after i wore the outfit below to work that perhaps it had too much of a teeny party dress look to it =(

Gah only looking back at the pictures i realised how unflattering my outfit on friday was! So im only posting up a couple of the good pics of my top. Love the pretty colour of this top, its silk and flowy - my favourite combination!

Reading over my post i realised i had something to bitch about all my work outfits lol. Hopefully i have a better week next week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Romantic Swing

Just had to do a quick post of my new ASOS dress i wore today. I love love love it! I dont think the pictures do it justice, the reason im so it love with it because of the way it feels on, its just so flowy with all that floaty gorgeous chiffony material. Love it!

haha that's my gym bag thrown in the back so that it wouldnt ruin my blog posing ;)

This was the best picture of the true colour of the dress.

It seems i haven't learnt my lesson as i took some more pictures in the bathroom. Please ignore the stiff ready to jump at any moment pretening to really wash my hands instead of taking self potraits on my iphone pose above!

There's a cream version of this dress also available which im going to get end of this week or next. Grrr ASOS damn your addictivesness! Gosh but i love that site!!! <3

It's been a good day!

I took inspiration from SSG's last post about things that make you happy, and thought i'd do a similar post as i had a lot of good things happen to me today that made me happy =)

First of i grabbed some yummy nutella snacks this morning. YUM YUM and YUM! These were the best treats back in primary school!

This is a picture of only one, but really i had two today... whoops!

Meant to take a "clean" picture for the post but i got a bit too eager and forget to take a picture until i had tasted a spoonful... or two... or three... haha

Wore my pretty new cardi today, love the glitter peter pan collar!

Got my Avon order of nail polishes today. Was super good cause i had forgotten all about this order! I can't believe im an AVON buyer now as i thought it was for only housewives and old ladies but i tried a couple of nailpolishes from the Christmas catalouge and they were great! So i stashed up on some more this time. Since i got most of it on sale it worked out to be about $5 per bottle, bargain

Sooo many pretty colours! Cannot wait to start trying them as soon as i have time as im very picky about my nails and it takes me a good hour to do a self manicure.

Last, but definitely not least i got my ASOS order today! It was scheduled to come on Friday so im super duper extra happy! I got three dresses and they all fit beautifully. Only downside is i've caught ASOS fever again and im trawling through the site for some more dresses. Oh oh!